Finding Energy to Persevere

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As you might imagine, there are plenty of things that drain my energy in the course of a week. Sometimes it is an interpersonal problem. Sometimes it is the sheer volume of activity filling my schedule from morning through evening.

So what refills and restores my day in and day out? Ultimately it is God who rejuvenates me by the power of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 27:1 contains the words, “The Lord is the strength of my life.” Isaiah 40:29 (King James Version) says, “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

What I have discovered, though, is that God often uses certain activities and people to accomplish that purpose. Let me list a few.

Listening to the Word

On most days, I walk for 1.5-2 miles. During that time, I listen to the Bible on an MP3 player. Often, I hear a passage (or even a phrase) that is just what I needed to hear that day. Because I am consuming many chapters, I am exposing my mind and heart to many possible lessons and encouragements. That is exciting!


Often my “emotional drains” are problems which defy and easy solution. Since their magnitude is “over my head”, I ask for solutions which are “over my head” as well – solutions that are from God. And while I am waiting for God’s supernatural wisdom, I cast my cares on the Lord (as I shared with you in a recent Connection article). That really helps stop the drain on my emotional energy.

Helping People

Another energizer for me is to help people. Sometimes it is as simple as giving an answer to a question. Most of the time those questions are spread throughout meetings and phone calls. At times, though, the help occurs in response to a situation which arises.

An old friend of mine wrote me an email, explaining about how his wife’s Alzheimer’s symptoms were getting worse. She was becoming extremely forgetful-even of my friend’s name. So I called him. We spent some time sharing back and forth. My mom had Alzheimer’s, so I could relate. But probably the best help I provided him was to pray for him. When the call was over, I felt a special energy from the Lord.


I am also energized by helping others understand something for the first time. One of the joys for me in coaching soccer for a number of years was that I had a chance to help the girls on my team learn skills, tactics and teamwork. During practices, there was nothing quite like one of the girls coming up to me with a huge smile, saying, “I got it, coach – I did it right!”
I love to teach important principles from the Bible for living life and ministering to others.

Time with Judy

A final thing which is very energizing to me is to spend time with Judy. She is my best friend – my most special relationship. We both travel a fair amount, and when we are home we have a lot of things that keep us busy. So, when we have a relaxed dinner together, it charges my battery.

How about you? What does God use to give you the energy to persevere?


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