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Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a campus ministry fundraising dinner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Early the next morning, I was catching a flight out of Sioux Falls and had just enough time to grab a snack at the Sheraton Hotel Club Room before leaving for the airport.

The woman working there was just setting things up, and we struck up a conversation. Her name was Mindy. She was a single mom of three kids, and had a full-time job during the week. But she needed to work Saturday and Sunday mornings to make ends meet. She was a Christian, yet was struggling to live above her everyday circumstances.

As I was polishing off my yogurt, I said, “I know a book you need to read. Its subtitle is ‘How to live above your everyday circumstances.’”

Mindy said, “I’d love to read it.”

I wrote a few words to Mindy on the inside of the front cover and gave it to her. Although I had to leave, I said, “Mindy, may I pray for your?”

She said, “Oh, please do!”

I prayed for a minute or two, asking God to meet her financial and other needs. As I looked up after the prayer, there were tears streaming down her face.

How did that ministry opportunity happen? I believe it happened because not an hour before, as I was having my devotion in my hotel room, I prayed that God would allow me to touch a life that day – that I could be a tangible conveyer of God’s love to some individual in need.

I pray that prayer every day. Why? Jesus said to love our neighbors.

That is one of the two “Greatest Commandments.” And often, love-our-neighbor opportunities are right there in front of us. We just need to pray and start looking for them. So, how can we show love? Love involves sensing needs and helping meet them.

I didn’t have to analyze too hard to sense that Mindy’s life was filled with stress. She was raising three kids by herself. She had experiences a failed marriage. Her former husband was not helping financially. She had to work seven days a week.

She needed help in order to cope. And I knew that the starting point for coping is appropriating God’s power. I didn’t have long, but I did have enough time to pray for her and to give her something to guide her in her journey.

Follow the model of Jesus

Much of what we read about Jesus in the Gospels is Him touching lives. Often, we see Him giving encouragement to people and meeting physical needs as He passed by.

Consider Zaccheus, for example. Jesus immediately saw a man desperate for acceptance, a sense of forgiveness and some direction on what was right to do. Jesus spent one meal with Zaccheus and his life was dramatically touched.

Let me give you one more reason I pray that God will let me touch a life each day: It’s an exciting adventure.

I am absolutely amazed how creative God is in opening doors. One morning several weeks ago on my morning walk, I saw a man’s wallet on the side of the road. His credit cards and money were still in the wallet along with his name and address. I was able to find his home telephone and called. His wife answered. She was absolutely effusive in her joy that I had found the wallet. She told me why. She was the one who had lost his wallet by leaving it on top of the trunk of his car. I thought to myself, This wasn’t just a chance to touch two lives, but to contribute to a happy marriage as well.

Let me encourage you to pray specifically that God will use you to touch people’s live every day.


P.S. “GodTools, the digital version of The Four Spiritual Laws is now available in iTunes and Google Play app stores to help you in this exciting adventure to touch a life each day.

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