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Be A Sign Post For Christ

Monday, August 27th, 2012 | Uncategorized

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My wife, Judy, and I recently had the privilege to be a part of the wedding ceremony for Dr. Joon Gon Kim’s granddaughter, Elizabeth. When our plane arrived at Newark, we walked directly toward Baggage Claim. Since we had no checked bags, we went to the area designated as Ground Transportation. We were renting a car, so we looked for a sign saying “Rental Cars.”

There was none, so we walked out to the place on the street where we could see shuttle buses picking up passengers. When we arrived at the pickup area, we saw no rental car shuttles, nor did we see any signs there saying “Rental Car Shuttles.”

We asked several airport employees, and none of them knew where there was transportation to rent a car. Finally, one of them said he thought we needed to take the AirTrain to get there and pointed in a general direction. As we walked further, we didn’t see any signs for the AirTrain at first. Finally, we saw a sign that looked like we needed to take an escalator to the left and up. We did that and couldn’t find the AirTrain.

As we returned down the escalator, slowly a sign came into view that was obviously the entrance to the AirTrain area.

A day later, Judy and I returned to Orlando. When we got to the airport, we looked to see if there were any signs we had previously missed. We didn’t see even one until walking through the security check point. There was a sign off to the side saying that you could get to the rental car area by taking the AirTrain.

Judy and I laughed. No one in that security line needed to rent a car in Newark! We were all catching a plane to go elsewhere. Then, I saw a disturbing similarity to how the body of Christ, at times, fails to communicate the gospel. There are billions of people alive today who desperately need salvation through Jesus Christ. Most would like to experience a relationship with God if they thought that it was possible.

The problem is that for many of them there are no “signs” to show them the way. They may not know anyone who truly follows Jesus. Or if they do know such people, often the Christians do not identify the role God plays in their lives or do not know how to explain the gospel with others. Like our airport experience, there is a need, but no signs pointing to the way to meet that need.

Yet, every week Christians around the world worship God, hear preaching and teaching from the Word of God, and hear how to respond to the gospel message.
The problem is that they already know Christ, so they don’t need signs pointing them to receive Christ. They are already in the process of “boarding the plane” bound for heaven. How ironic and tragic it is that those who see the signs don’t need them, and those who need the signs can’t see them.

But how fixable. More Christians need to get into the “sign posting” business. They need to see the critical importance of truly following Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. They need to make sure people around them know that the guidance and power for a changed life come from God. They need to be trained in how to explain their faith. They need to be willing to go to places where there are not enough true followers of Jesus to be visible to all non-Christians. And, finally, they need to involve their Christian friends in doing the same.

It’s a simple plan, isn’t it? And that is what we do as a ministry, day in and day out. We win and build and send and mobilize others to do the same. How needed! How relevant! How exciting!