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Added Clarity on Recent Changes

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My purpose in writing you today is to seek to bring clarity to the changes which have occurred recently. Simply put, Campus Crusade for Christ is all about loving and pleasing God and doing what He has called us to do.

So, the reason I and others have been emphasizing “extreme dependence on God” is because that is basic, and it’s very easy to drift away from God. Campus Crusade has always sought to plan big, develop effective strategies and work hard. But apart from complete and continuous trust in God, we will accomplish nothing. I look forward to interacting with you more on this.

Let me focus today on what God has called us to do: to help fulfill the Great Commission. The original vision God gave Bill Bright portrayed the gospel spreading to the entire world. Along the way, He clarified for us that our special role in that call is to feature spiritual multiplication—winning, building and sending in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Equipping others to minister and multiply is central to who we are (2 Timothy 2:2). When that process becomes spontaneous and grows and spreads without our supervision or stimulus, it becomes a movement of spiritual multiplication. Many times we don’t see that happen, but we do aspire to it. In fact, if those kinds of movements existed everywhere on earth, the Great Commission would be fulfilled on a continuous basis.

Of course, movements aren’t abstract things— they are teams of people who have grown to truly follow Jesus. It is through them that the light of Christ shines to all around. That is why it is crucial to make disciples. But few disciples will continue on their own without the support of a group of other true followers of Jesus. Therefore, vital small groups and local churches need to form everywhere, where disciples are growing and ministering. They become the visible evidences of movements of spiritual multiplication.

This is not complicated, and I trust it isn’t very new to you. It is what we have always sought to do—with students, in rural villages, through families, with athletes, among military personnel and others.

Unfortunately, many times all of the above does not happen. Why? Let me mention a few reasons.

First, often we don’t sow abundantly. According to the parable of the sower and the soil (Luke 8:4-15), good soil becomes visible when the seed of the gospel is sown. In some places, the percentage of people whose hearts are “good soil” seems to be lower. Response rates are small. If so, gospel sowing must become more extensive. The Internet, for example, has given us a new way today to do that inexpensively. Then we don’t have to approach endless numbers of people personally to find good soil.

Sometimes, though, we struggle to change to new strategies, training and materials, even if they seem to work better. That is why a key component of “Shaping Our Future Together” is to create more of a “learning environment.”

Second, we, as staff members, often tend to hang onto exclusive ownership of the “win, build, send” process too long. That is why we are emphasizing “local ownership” as a part of “Shaping our Future Together.” If we don’t release our disciples to own the spiritual-multiplication process, we sentence ourselves to ministry, not movement.

Third, no matter how successful we are, we are only a part of God’s overall effort to fulfill the Great Commission. It honors God and accelerates finishing the task to cooperate with and help others do their part. We are not competitors with churches, denominations and other Christian ministries—we are partners. So we need to discover more ways to find and work well with appropriate partners in a humble and unselfish way. That’s what “kingdom perspective” is all about.

“Shaping Our Future Together” is simply an effort to lead us into greater effectiveness and fruitfulness in the future. It is not intended to alter doing what God has called us to do. It should help us accomplish that calling better and faster.

Fourth, so why did we reorganize? Our structure had become too complex and indirect in accomplishing what God has called us to do. The restructuring at its essence is to focus us better. It features more emphasis on success at the local level. It reduces the number of organizational “middle men.” It puts national and local ministry in closer touch with specialists who can help them with the type of ministry they are doing.

In summary, Campus Crusade needs to be all about God and His calling for us. As we have become larger and more complex, we have drifted some from that simplicity. The recent changes should help us be more focused on and dedicated to God’s purpose for us.

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At the U.S. Staff Conference in the summer of 2009, Steve Sellers announced that he and his team would be analyzing whether the name Campus Crusade for Christ was the most helpful for the U.S. Ministries in the future.  It has served the U.S. Ministries well for many years, but many things have changed in the U.S. culture since 1951.

In January this project began in earnest.  The ministry has sought help from an excellent research group to discern what motivates people to join with us and to stay.  In recent months another very competent agency has been helping to work with that research to determine what it might say to the U.S. Ministries about how to communicate best to various key groups in the U.S. marketplace.  As a part of this process, Steve Sellers sent an email to U.S. staff asking them for naming ideas. The next step will be choosing and testing a new name.

I am writing you to keep you informed of this important development in the U.S. Ministries.  Please pray that God will guide this process.  Know that the people we are working with in the agency I mentioned are Christians and are very sensitive to developing what God wants for us.

I am also writing to add a little perspective.  As you may know, Campus Crusade for Christ goes by many different names in different parts of the world – such as Agape Europe, Great Commission Ministries, Life Ministries, and Power to Change.

Each country has had the privilege and responsibility to determine what name works best for them in their context.  Many of our country ministries have concluded that Campus Crusade for Christ continues to work best for them.  Know that whatever the U.S. Ministries concludes will not in any way dictate what you should do in your country.

Many of us have a very fond affection for the name Campus Crusade for Christ.  My own spiritual growth and ministry has been in the context of Campus Crusade for Christ.  So in some ways it is hard for me to imagine the U.S. Ministries going by a different name.  Yet, I am strongly encouraging the U.S. Ministries to make a decision that accelerates their contribution to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the future.

Again, I wrote to keep you informed.  Please share this information with your national leaders. Judy and I love and appreciate you and count it a great privilege to serve God with you.

Yours in Christ,