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Two months ago I wrote you about four areas where the leaders of the ministry determined we needed to see some change. Change is always a bit daunting and uncomfortable, but our conclusion was that if we didn’t change certain things, Campus Crusade for Christ would enter into a time of decreased effectiveness and overall decline.

One of the very important areas of change is to have a greater sense of urgency. Why greater urgency? Let me give you two very compelling reasons:

1. To redeem current opportunities

We need to redeem the current abundance of God-given opportunities. God is moving today in so many places and ways.

For example, in Awassa, Ethiopia last August our ministry sponsored a conference for 7,300 students. (Incidentally, people from the local churches there had the students stay in their homes.) The students were challenged to go, at least short-term, to help reach other African countries. Approximately 5,000 said “yes” to the challenge.

Since last summer those students have launched new movements on 127 high school and college campuses. They have also gone in missions teams to 79 towns which were considered “closed” or difficult.

As another example, the Magdalena: Released from Shame version of the JESUS film is remarkably effective. In one Central Asian country, 60 percent of the inmates in a women’s prison indicated receiving Christ after watching Magdalena.

And our Internet ministries are growing in size and effectiveness. Global Media Outreach is seeing three times as many indicated decisions per month as they were one year ago. Their on-line missionaries receive over 6,000 e-mails per day.

Through, of the college students indicating decisions and signing up for follow-up, 48 percent have connected with a Christian group on campus and/or a nearby church.

There is no doubt that God is moving today in many places and in extraordinary ways. The Bible is clear that our responsibility regarding His opportunities is to redeem them (“making the most of every opportunity” Ephesians 5:16).

2. Because there are forces seeking to close the door

It is very easy to assume that good things will continue to happen indefinitely. As a result, there is no urgency to act now. That assumption is very dangerous. There are powerful forces at work which could greatly limit our freedom and effectiveness in sharing Christ. Two of them are:

a. Islam

When radical Muslims take control of governments in countries, they usually establish laws to prohibit conversion from Islam to anything else. Often offenders are killed. Those who share Christ with people are often killed as well.

Through the years many JESUS film workers have been martyred by radical Muslims. Recently, hundreds of Christians were murdered by Muslims in Jos, Nigeria.

Islam is growing rapidly in Europe so that before too many years pass, many doors which are open today could close.

b. Materialism

In Deuteronomy 6:10-12, God leads Moses to warn the children of Israel that when He would bring them into the Promised Land, overflowing with good material things, they must not become satisfied and forget Him.

I believe that “forgetting” has occurred in the United States over recent decades. I fear it may also happen in other countries where there has been rapid growth of material success.

“Forgetting” and failing to rely on God, shuts doors to future effectiveness in ministry.

Jesus Himself said that we should work while it is yet day for night is coming when no one can work (John 9:4). The strong lesson to us is to redeem God’s current abundant opportunities now, before night comes. As a ministry we are committed to working with others to see as much progress as possible toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the next ten years.

We believe we are in a position to be helpful to the rest of the Body of Christ in finishing the task of the Great Commission. We are just a part of God’s plan for this time. But we have been given an outstanding opportunity from Him to do what we can to help get the job done.